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Download Tutorials

Downloading and Playing the Tutorials

The tutorial lessons are contained in zip files on the SourceForge project web site. Each lesson is contained in a separate zip file called <name>, where <name> is the tutorial name (e.g., totalbeginner, persistence, debugger, workbench), and xx is the lesson number. For example, the zip file for the Total Beginners lesson 1 is called

The Lessons can be downloaded from the download site for each tutorial, either using the Download Tutorials links on the left side of this page or using the Download link on each tutorial's Main Page.

All of the tutorials, except for the Total Beginners, also have a zip file that contains a project archive file (e.g.,,, etc.). These files should be downloaded but not unzipped. These files are used in the tutorials to import a starting Eclispe project.

Each project also includes a PDF document called the Tutorial Companion Document. These can be downloaded from the project download site or viewed from the tutorial main page (using the "Companion Document" link).

You can play Lesson 1 of each tutorial without downloading anything, just by clicking on the "View Lesson 1" link in each tutorial's main page.

The lessons are recorded using Adobe Flash. If you don't already have a Flash player installed on your PC, you can download it from the Adbobe web site.

Playing the Videos

Once you have downloaded a lesson's zip file, all you need to do to play the videos is

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Find the file called lessonxx.html, where xx is the lesson number (01, 02, etc.).
  3. Open that file (e.g., "lesson01.html") with your browser.
  4. Press the large play button in the middle of the video thumbnail.

The lesson should start playing and you should hear the narration. In the lower left is a play / pause button. Next to that is a slider bar that allows you to fast-forward, rewind, or go to any point in the video.

The graphic on the left shows the video controls that appear in the lower right corner. To adjust the volume, just click on the Volume Control and a slider appears. To display the table of contents, click on the Table of Contents button and select the desired navigation point. Click a second time to remove the table of contents display. The closed captions are toggled on and off by pressing the "CC" button.

Option for Resizable Video

If you open the file "lessonxx.swf" (instead of "lessonxx.html") with your browser, you can resize the video to any desired size, making it larger or smaller. Playing the video from the lessonxx.html file will provide the clearest rendition but does not allow resizing. Also, opening the "lessonxx.swf" file with Windows Internet Explorer may display a security warning and require you to click and select "Allow blocked content".