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Using the Eclipse Workbench

This free video tutorial will teach you how to use the many features of the Eclipse workbench. It is based on Eclipse version 3.3. This tutorial is not about programming, and no prior experience with Eclipse is needed.

This tutorial is designed for two groups of people. The first includes those who are new to Eclipse and want to understand it's basic functionality. Although we use a Java project as our example, this tutorial involves no programming and is designed so that the content is relevant to any application that uses the Eclipse workbench.

The second target group includes those who, although familiar with Eclipse, want to learn more about the workbench functionality.

The 6 lessons are each about 15 minutes long and total about 90 minutes. In the lessons, we learn by doing. The lessons guide you through each topic step-by-step, explaining each step as we go. See the Tutorial Companion Guide for more information about the tutorial, or look at the tutorial lesson outlines.

You can view the lessons on Youtube or you can download them and view them locally. To download all of the lessons, go to the project download page. Be sure to download the Tutorial Companion Guide (PDF format).

Also, please download the file workbench_tutorial.zip from the same download site. Note: Do not unzip this file. We will use it in the first lesson.

This tutorial uses Eclipse version 3.3 (Europa), released June 2007.